Frequently Asked Questions

Is this still relevant?

No. But I'm keeping the answers around just in case people wonder what the service was like.

What do you do with my email?

We ignore any attachments and only grab the stripped-text. This is passed through spam detection. If the message looks clean it is stored for 30 days until it is sent back. After that it is deleted from our system. Forever.

Are you using cloud providers for this?

Yes! I am using mailgun for the emailing and I am using google cloud for storing the email. The architecture is severless.

Are there any third parties storing metadata?

At the moment, yes. Mailgun has logs and a retry mechanic and will store data for five days after which it is deleted. Google cloud has a 30 days retetion policy for the logs after which they are also deleted.

Can somebody besides me read my email?

Yes, the maintainer can. The maintainer has no interest in reading any emails but the maintainer does have access to it. It is really hard to receive an email and be able to send it back without being able to read it. An effort is taken to make sure that the email contents are protected but the key is available to the maintainer of this project. Again, the maintainer has no interest in reading your email but there is a notion of "trust" here.

How is this service maintaining itself?

It takes a lot of people using this service before it costs more than a free tier at a cloud provider. The maintainer of this project gets a lot of value from this system and decided to share it. Should costs skyrocket then either the project will be abandoned or something with payments will happen to ensure it can continue.

Can I help out?

You can consider buying me a coffee if it helps you, but you don't have to.

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A tweet would also be cool too. I'd love to hear if this tools helps people reflect a bit more.