dear me, read me

Write yourself an email.

Shutting down. At least for now.

I got an email from my email provider that told me that the spam filters were triggered by emails that this service sent out. Since I do not read the contents of the emails it is hard for me to varify what exactly happened but it made me realize two things.

  1. - The only filtering I apply is the one from the mail provider. Their inbound filters are different from their outbound filters (I think). In this case it seems like I need to read the emails that come in before I can send them out which is exactly the one thing I do not want to do.
  2. - I've started this service out of a hobby interest and I have found it incredibly useful. However, I recognize that some of the emails this service receives are incredibly personal. I am savvy with computers, but I'm by no means a security expert. Before turning this service back up, perhaps I should have somebody around who is.