Food for thought.

Why did you make this?

Reflection is important and I think a lot of folks have forgotten to do it regularily. It is the first step towards improvement.

Without reflection, the investment in your habbit might never happen. The hope is that an email written by yourself might be enough for you to get you to sit and reflect a bit.

There's something about 30 days that makes it an ideal amount of time to try something new without spending your full attention to it. That email might make it easier to figure out what habbit to invest in.

What do people write about?

Some people might like to track goals and other people might use it to ask themselves questions. Here's a list of questions people have used to get started.

If you know of some other questions, let me know on twitter.

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ps. Heck, if nothing else, this service might actually cause you to look forward to your inbox.